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Meet-me-free is a non-commercial project aimed at helping you to meet your soul-mate. But if you want you can buy postal addresses of ALL women available in our database for as little as 0.1 USD per address. Read more.

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• Buying addresses at

You can buy ALL postal addresses available for the single fee of 0.1 USD per address. Fill in the form:

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Buying addresses at for the price of 0.1 USD per address I realize that:

1. The lady may never receive the letter I send as the postal service in Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus and other ex-USSR countries is unreliable;

2. The lady may receive the letter I send but choose not to reply to me because of her own reasons;

3. The lady may receive the letter I send and reply to me, but her letter may be lost on its way to my postal address or email (due to the settings of various spam-filters).